The Trendsetters From Japan

The Trendsetters From Japan

The trendsetters from Japan

Are you about to visit a japanese store in melbourne for shopping the latest range of dresses? You would definitely come across some amazing dresses to match your moods. Like the cars and the tech based gadgets, japan is also popular for its trendsetting brands. These brands are known for creating the best collection for any wardrobe. 

Here we have put together the names of the brands that are popular for creating amazing wardrobe for each one of you.


Uniqlo makes simple but stylish apparel for those who want to wear something trendy all the time. It is among the top ranking fashion setters in japan. The cost is affordable and the quality is commendable. It is for this reason that they have acquired a worldwide fame. The creators ensure that they select the right material to match the individual needs of every customer. Uniqlo creates to serve both formal and informal purposes. The casual clothing is made with as much perfection as the formal wardrobe.


Any Japanese store that sells branded clothing is incomplete without the stock of Comme des Garcons. The pioneer of the business Rei Kawakubo is the name of innovation and creativity. Today the band has stores running in allthe major cities of Europe, the US and China. They are known for making stylish coats and jeans. COMME des GARCONS turned out to be apopular brand during the Paris Men’s Fashion Week.


United Arrows started its business as a boutique but today it is among the top Japanese stores that are known for creating something trendy and stylish. The 256 stores running all over the globe are selling the brand along with the sub brands like Beauty and Youth, Drawer and the green label relaxing. If you love to wear jeans and T-shirt, United Arrows will serve you with the best.

  1. MUJI

For those who want to buy something economical from the Japanese stores, Muji is a recommended name. They do not have a wide range of clothing and apparels but whatever they create they create that for the buyer’s satisfaction. They believe in creating the best eco-friendly products for those who are environment freak. They believe in making the things transparent.  From the site of manufacturing to the procedures they ensure complete transparency. The coconut thread T-shirts are their speciality.

  1. GU

The word GU comes from the Japanese word Jiyuu. This word refers to independence and freedom. This is what the manufacturers ensure for their clients. The manufacturers guarantee economy, style, and perfection in their products. From teenagers to those in early adulthood they serve the needs of all.  Besides the major cities of Japan, the brand owns 280 stores in the cities of Shanghai and Hong Kong. Being the sister Japanese store of Uniqlo they are making dreams for the ones who want to rule the world of fashion with style.

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